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Clubs Using the McAfee Sports Center

Many of the Ohio South Youth Sport Space (OSYSS) volunteers have ties to the Beavercreek Stars youth basketball program. However, the Beavercreek Stars are not the only club that will be using the McAfee Sports Center. Here are some other clubs that plan to use the new space:

Beavercreek Stars

The Beavercreek Stars is a volunteer, non-profit corporation that promotes high quality, competitive basketball for children grades 3-6 in the Beavercreek school district. The goal of the group is to help children develop basketball skills, promote sportsmanship, and enhance individual contribution to the team, as well as provide competitive environment for league & tournament play and promote fraternal spirit among players & parents. The Beavercreek Stars have been based at Henley Hall, but the McAfee Sports Center will serve as the new home when it opens.

You can find more information about the Beavercreek Stars at

Air City Volleyball

The Air City Volleyball Club is a competitive program for young men in the Dayton, Ohio area. It has alumni from many area high schools and universities, including the University of Dayton, Wright State, and The Ohio State University.

You can find more information about the Air City Volleyball Club at

Beavercreek SOX

The Beavercreek SOX is a select youth sports program that promotes competitive youth baseball participation in children between the ages of 8 to 18. Not only does the Beavercreek SOX provide a competitive baseball program that is available for the spring and summer season, but it assists in the development of players for the Junior and Senior high school teams within the Beavercreek School District.

You can find more information about the Beavercreek SOX at