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In February 2012, the Ohio South Youth Sport Space (OSYSS), an all volunteer non-profit corporation with ties to the Beavercreek Stars sports group, launched a $1 million project to create a new athletic center and office complex in Beavercreek, Ohio. The OSYSS started this initiative with the purchase of a 55,000-square-foot facility at 1321 Research Park Drive in Beavercreek. It was decided that the entire Complex would be owned, managed, and renovated by OSYSS, which is made up of a group of Beavercreek parents, coaches, military leaders, & business leaders.

In Fall 2013, Greg McAfee and his company, McAfee Heating & Air, made a commitment to the Beavercreek community by securing the naming rights of this remarkable sports facility complex.

Scheduled to open in November 2014, the McAfee Sports Center will offer many great benefits to the Beavercreek community, including:

  • a gym that will host volleyball and basketball tourneys, as well as summer camps
  • the new home of the Beavercreek Stars youth basketball program
  • a weight / training facility
  • meeting & party rooms
  • prime office rental space